What do you call that piece of glass?

Many of our customers have asked this question: 

What is that piece of glass called that is on  my back door that is small and sort of triangle shaped?

ANSWER: This is called a "VENT GLASS". 

Most 4 door sedans have a vent glass that is STATIONARY. This is obviously confusing because you would assume a "VENT" glass would open. They do open on some older cars and in some cases you will see vent glasses on the front of the front doors and/or the back of the back doors. Newer cars still have these vent glasses, but they usually won't open. Oddly enough, the "QUARTER GLASS" usually does vent open. This is the the glass furthest to the back on the side of your car. Not all cars/trucks will have either of these parts. I have attached a diagram that labels all of the windows. THANKS FOR READING!

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