Why choose us? - SC's Best Auto Glass Company
-We are approved and preferred by insurance companies.
-We handle your insurance and work with any insurance company.
-We offer competitive pricing for cash customers.
-We offer free mobile
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Columbia, South Carolina 29211
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AAA Glass is SC's Best Auto Glass Company

We will treat you right from start to finish.  We will quickly walk you through the insurance process for replacing your auto glass and you shouldn't have to pay anything for you auto glass replacement. We promise to be honest and reasonable to ...
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AAA Glass LLC is an A+ Rated member of the BBB

AAA Glass, LLC is locally owned and operated in South Carolina.  We take pride in our customer's satisfaction.  We have the best technicians in the area!  Each technician has over fifteen years of experience.  We always use the be...
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You can get a ticket for that cracked windshield!!!

If a police officer notices a distracting crack on the driver's side of your windshield, the officer can write you a ticket. The ticket will cost around $200. It will usually be dropped if you show the court that your windshield has been replaced pri...
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Professionals at filing auto glass claims

I have personally helped file and/or process over 10,000 auto glass insurance claims.  Save yourself and your insurance agent some time by just calling AAA Glass with your insurance policy number in hand and we will handle the rest of the proces...
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AAA Glass offers a free lifetime warranty to all of our customers. ...not that you're likely to ever use it. There are several concerns that most people have when replaceing their windshield such as water leaks, air leaks, defects/distortions in the ...
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What do you call that piece of glass?

Many of our customers have asked this question: What is that piece of glass called that is on  my back door that is small and sort of triangle shaped?ANSWER: This is called a "VENT GLASS". Most 4 door sedans have a vent glass that...
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AAA Glass is the best choice for auto glass replacement

​AAA Glass is the place to call for auto glass repairs or replacements in South Carolina. We service most of the state with mobile service available to anyone within 40 miles of Columbia, Charleston, and Greenville, SC. Having something break your wi...
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